Аппарат ИВЛ HFS3100B



  • The most compact intelligent ventilator,the smallest.
  • Multiple ventilation modes (A/C, SIMV, MANUAL) used for various kinds of emergency occasions.
  • Low consumption design, super-long standby time.
  • All parameters adjustable by shuttle key, easy to operation.
  • Audible and visual alarm.
  • Internal battery with super long working time, continuous working time over 15 hours.
  • Combination Apnea Back-up ventilation, PEEP functions,to meet the needs of the patient spontaneous breathing.
  • Gas supply connector, sensor interfaces are quick-connected.
  • Operating conveniently and fast.
  • High-definition LCD screen, Real time monitoring data display let doctor to know the patient’s conditions.
  • Automatic memory function.


The ventilator is suitable for various kinds of medical institutions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation respiratory support, suitable for ICU,emergency department, surgical operation room, ward, Ambulance etc.

Ventilation modeA/C, SIMV, MANUAL
Minute ventilation volume6.0L/min ~ 18L/min
Frequency4bpm ~ 80bpm
Tidal volume180-1500ml
Oxygen concentration50%,100%
Airway pressure0~80cm H2O
I:E1:1 ~ 1:5
Inspiratory trigger pressure-20cmH2O~0cmH2O
Airway safety pressure≤60cm H2O
Working pressure0.28Mpa ~ 0.60Mpa
Spontaneous breathing transfer pressure6cm H2O ~ 40cm H2O
Battery working time> 15 hours
Dimension185mm * 90mm * 56mm
AC adapter110-240V, 50/60Hz
AlarmHigh/Low air pressure alarm, Low battery alarm, Audible and visual alarm

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