Аппарат ИВЛ HFS3100A

  1. Invasive ventilator
  2. Pneumatic driven and electric controlled, time switch, pressure limit, volume control, apnea ventilation.
  3. Application department: Ambulance, Emergency department, Surgery department, ward, ICU.
  4. Ventilation mode: A/C, SIGH, SIMV, SPONT, MANUAL
  5. LCD screen: TFT 4.3”
  6. Tidal volume: 30-2400ml, continuously adjustable
  7. Minute ventilation volume: ≥18L/min,continuously adjustable
  8. O2%: 50%,100%
  9. Frequency: 2-80bpm
  10. Inspiration time: 0.2s-6s
  11. I: E ratio: 3:1-1:5
  12. SIMV frequency: 1-30bpm
  13. PEEP (External PEEP valve): 0-20cm H2O
  14. Trigger pressure:-20.0~0cmH2O
  15. Airway pressure upper limit: -20.0~0cm H2O
  16. Airway pressure lower limit: 0~40cm H2O
  17. Output pressure: 0.28~6MPa
  18. Output flow: ≥60L/min
  19. Safety airway pressure: ≤60cmH2O
  20. SIGH: For every 100 breathing cycles, the patient was given one deep inhalation about 1.5 times of the original tidal volume
  21. Apnea time: 20s
  22. Backup ventilation frequency:2-80bpm
  23. Noise: ≤65db
  24. System compliance: ≤22mL/kPa
  25. Alarm: low gas pressure、low battery、upper airway pressure limit、lower airway pressure limit、low tidal volume、Apnea、Power off、System fault
  26. Battery: Lithium battery, recharable, car power cord
  27. Weight: 2.5kg
  28. Dimension:266x100x244mm
  29. DC: lithium rechargeable battery, 14.8v 2200mAh; AC:110-220V/50-60Hz
  30. Battery working time: 5 hours
  31. Application: Adult and children
  32. Working condition: Environment temperature 5~50℃, humidity 10%-80%, atmosphere pressure 70Kpa-106Kpa

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