Decheng Medical Actively Donated Materials To The Disaster Area

Материалы для борьбы с наводнениями и оказания помощи при стихийных бедствиях

After the torrential rain on July 20, Zhengzhou has just resumed its usual life, and the delta virus has swept in again. Several major regions of Zhengzhou have been pressed the pause button one after another, the sealing and control area has been expanding, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control has become increasingly serious. Nucleic acid detection of all people has become a key to hinder the source of disease and prevent and control the epidemic.

From morning to early morning, countless medical staff braved the heat to fight in various communities in Zhengzhou to carry out rounds of nucleic acid sampling for residents. The white armor and volunteers rushed to the front line of nucleic acid detection and stood by day and night to protect our health and safety. They are the most beautiful rebels! Decheng Medical also actively undertakes social responsibilities. Although we are not in the front line, we provide important epidemic prevention weapons — medical gloves for front-ine medical staff.T

Donation certificate

The employees of Decheng Medical did not shrink back in the storm and did not fear during the epidemic. They always adhered to their jobs, performed their duties, moved forward steadily, and used their ability to ensure the orderly and stable production of the enterprise and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Mu Jingjing, a staff member of our company, overcame difficulties, fully cooperated with the government’s epidemic prevention and control policies, timely carried out nucleic acid testing, reduced travel mobility, gave up the time of family reunion and stood by at work at any time.

In order to ensure the supply of medical materials, the management personnel of the company rushed to the factory in time to guide the production work and ensure the stable production of medical materials before the closure of Zhengzhou.

In the severe rainstorm disaster in Zhengzhou, Decheng Medical actively practiced its social responsibilities and extended a helping hand to the disaster area with practical actions. We donated flood fighting and disaster relief materials to the disaster area for the first time to help the people in the disaster area tide over the difficulties and give the warmest strength to the disaster area!

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